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Jess is a retired a police detective sergeant, Long Beach Police Department, Long Beach, CA. He likes to write historical fiction set in the classical world. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California in Public Administration with a minor (my first academic love) in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations. He also served four years United States Marine Corps (1962-1966). He lives with his wife, Liz, on a four acre mini-farm in Eastern Washington. His hobby is outdoor model railroading.


As of June 2014, his second novel, The Wolf of Britannia, was accepted for publication by Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com). The story is a prequel to The Sign of the Eagle, and is about Macha's father, the British Celtic King, Caratacus, who fought the Romans when they invaded Britannia in 43 A.D. This will be published as a duo-logy. Volume 1, which describes Caratacus's rise to power, should be released February 2015 and Volume 2, describing the Roman invasion of Britannia, August/September 2015.  


An article about his writing and him, as it related to his first novel, The Sign of the Eagle, was featured in the newspaper, Spokane Spokesman-Review. Click onto this link for details. Spokesman Review Article


You will also find information there on his historical mystery short story, Death Most Poisonous, which appears in the Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt, in the December, 2010 issue (http://scars.tv/), a scars publication. This is a mini-sequel to The Sign of the Eagle.


Jess is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA), and is active in the Spokane Novelists Group. As a retired person, Jess believes in keeping very busy. "You must stay active mentally, physically and socially. These are a few of the keys to a long and healthy retirement. Writing novels has contribute greatly to my quality of life." He has an outdoor "G" scale model railroad A photo of his model railroad will appear this summer in an issue of Garden Railways Magazine.


He is currently working on another historical novel set in the First Century A.D. The story is about a Spanish Cavalry officer who became a personal retainer for the ill-fated Titus Flavius Sabinus, brother of the future Emperor, Vespasian.


Jess published a short story related to this, Storm Over the Channel, in the December 2013 issue of the literary magazine, The Enchanted File Cabinet.

Liz and Mo Otis Orchards

Liz & Mo Otis Orchards, WA

Steve feeding carrots to kit

Steve feeding carrots to kit in her paddock

Our Border Collie-Aussie, Joe

Our Border Collie-Aussie, Joe

Southern Daylight Passenger Train

Southern Daylight Passenger Train

Southern Pacific SD70 pulling Daylight Passenger Train

Southern Pacific SD70 pulling Daylight Passenger Train

Winter Scene Jess Steven Hughes Layout

Winter Scene Jess Steven Hughes Train Layout