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Britannia Romanus Series by Author Jess Steven Hughes


 The Peacekeeper

"The Peacekeeper"

 Britannia Romanus Series, Book V 

 Date: 45-69 AD



Marcellus, a Spanish Centurion in the Roman Army, is unsafely ensconced in tumultuous and murderous Rome, a city that can claim its victims in an instant and give its chosen ones glory at a moment's notice. After confronting his nemesis and former commander, Anicius Pedius Gallus, in the boisterous Roman forum, Marcellus escapes yet  another close call with a "Roman ally," and races home to the object of his desire-Elyene, a feisty, British-Celtic princess. And one that is none too happy about being a royal hostage.  But love counters betrayal in this harsh city, and the two are married against a backdrop of mysterious treacheries and secrecies. Even as the two start a family and Marcellus advances through the ranks, the evil Gallus seems to lurk in the shadows around every corner.


As a resident of Rome, Marcellus is no stranger to chaos, but when he's thrust into the role of commander of the Watch's Seventh Cohort and must lead a ragtag group of men to quell a bloody riot numbering in the hundreds of thousands, can he do the job? And when a new emperor takes hold of the reins, siding with scoundrels and slaughterers, can Marcellus save everyone he holds dear or will he be left alone with blood on his hands?


From the birth of Christianity to backstabbing in the Senate, to lives of the slave and commoner, to the behind-the-scenes of the world of the Roman emperors, The Peacekeeper will bring the duplicitous, colorful, and raw streets of Rome to brilliant life, and will leave you breathless until the final page.






The Broken Lance



"The Broken Lance"

Britannia Romanus Series Book IV



 In Rome, when shaking hands with a stranger, you'd best count your fingers to see if they are still attached.

44 A.D. Ancient Britannia is wild, unpredictable, and merciless. The dusty streets of Rome are chaotic and dangerous, home to incredible opulence, deplorable poverty, and a political web that catches anyone who dares to question the empire.


Both places call to young Roman cavalry sergeant Marcellus Reburrus, who must survive a world of political treachery in which one’s life can be taken in an instant—by friend or enemy.


After enduring a ravaging storm, Marcellus’s boots hit the shore of Britannia under the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius only to face deplorable conditions and a commander who would rather see Marcellus dead than reporting for duty. Despite the circumstances, Marcellus quickly makes a name for himself, earning awards for bravery, promotion to centurion, and further alienating himself from the evil commander.


Marcellus’s return to Rome brings a whole new set of problems, the least of which is dodging assassination attempts, unraveling conspiracies, and falling in love.

From the underground caves of beggars beneath the city to the magnificent homes of the Roman elite, Marcellus uncovers an elaborate plot of betrayal, one that can bring down the entire city. Can he find the conspirators before they find him . . . and destroy everything he holds dear?





Wolf of Britannia Part I Wolf of Britannia Part II


"The Wolf of Britannia, Vol. I and Vol. II."

   Britannia Romanus Series, Books II and III

When a young Celtic prince, desperate to prove himself to his father, is forced to gather every ounce of strength and courage to fight an enemy more cunning and powerful than either he or Britain has ever faced, will he be able to save his family, his sacred homeland, and his imperial legacyor will his own head be among the next spoils of war?


The Wolf of Britannia, is a breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense set in the years between 27 and 60 A.D., in the mysterious land of ancient Britain and the majestic palaces of Rome. In the first millennium's early days, the Romans held power over most of the world's people through disciplined savagery, yet many citizens fought to break from tyranny. This painstaking researched tale is one such fight for freedom.


In the wilds of Britain, the soon-to-be legendary Prince Caratacus and his tribe of warriors are facing down the seemingly unbeatable Roman army.


After winning the southern British throne, Caratacus leads his people as they strive for freedom from the iron-fisted Roman rule that has nearly obliterated their culture and lifestyle. As the prince fights alongside his wife, a warrior princess who takes no prisoners, Caratacus must also outsmart a duplicitous brother determined to take the throne, battle his beautiful, conniving, and lascivious cousina queen who wants Caratacus for herselfand keep his people free. Action-paced and steeped in ancient historical characters, The Wolf of Britannia is the story of one courageous man who must conquer the entire Roman army or die trying.


Book Trailer: The Wolf of Britannia, Part I -Trailer








"The Sign of the Eagle"

Britannia Romanus Series Book I


The Sign of the Eagle is a breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense set in the year 71 A.D. amid the exotic and vibrant streets of ancient Rome.

Macha, the strong-willed daughter of a legendary Celtic British king and wife of the Roman tribune, Titus, is the only one who can prove her husband innocent of treason, solve the murders of two slaves who possessed information that could have exonerated Titus, and ultimately save the life of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.




 Book Trailer:  The Sign of the Eagle Trailer









 Jess Steven Hughes Podcast Interview 

Podcast: Sunbury Press "Book Speak" May 21st, 2018 Interview, Host Lawrence Knorr Wiess-Link: Author Jess Steven Hughes Radio Interview - 53:00 Minutes.





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Artist and Advertising Credits:


Thank you,  Katrina Brennen for creating the portrait of Macha, heroine of the novel "The Sign of the Eagle". 


Thank you, Tal Dibner ( Cover of "The Wolf of Britannia, Part I &  Part II" , "The Broken Lance" and the newest novel "The Peacekeeper".)


Special Thank you to Chris Hughes for advertising "The Sign of the Eagle" on his online store at toadmanstankpictures.com.

Chris is a master military modeler and photographer and had his two books published: "Walker Bulldog Tank", and "General Sheridan Tank".